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Amalie is proudly endorsed as a registered breeder with our local council. In this way we meet the legislated requirements for Victorian dog breeders and is one of the many commitmentswe make to our dogs and our clients to set us apart. Become informed - see what is means to comply.

We are committed to breeding in an ethical way that meets or exceeds best practice standards. Our program aims to contribute to the development of the breed and to the rearing of healthy and well socialised pets and assistance or therapy dogs. You can check out the Australian Labradoodle breed standard which describes what sort of consistent attributes we are aiming to breed into our puppies. At Amalie we work to the following:

  • Amalie dogs are cared for in a family environment which provides all necessary care and socialisation
  • Our breeding stock are healthy, show desirable physical attributes for the breed and have sociable temperament
  • All dogs used in our breeding program are health tested - for full details of our health testing protocol, see below
  • Companion puppies are desexed and micro-chipped before leaving our care
  • Amalie will keep appropriate records of all dogs in our program and continue to act as a resource to our puppy owners

Health Testing

Dogs are susceptible to a variety of health concerns and we are fortunate to now have access to a wider range of DNA based tests, than ever before. To ensure that we have the information we need when breeding puppies, our breeding dogs are routinely tested for the following genetically inheritable diseases:

  1. PRA-prcd
  2. Cystinuria
  3. Centronuclear Myopathy
  4. Exercise Induced Collapse
  5. Myotubuular Myopathy X Linked 
  6. Neonatal Encephalopathy
  7. Von willebrands disease Type I
  8. Degenerative Myelopathy 
  9. Autosomal Hereditary Recessive Nephropathy
  10. Phosphofructokinase Deficiency

In this way, we can be certain that your pup will not inherit any of these life limiting diseases.

To give you an example: one of the diseases is prcd-PRA (progressive rod cone degeneration – Progressive Retinal Atrophy, often abbreviated to PRA). It is a genetically inherited eye disease that leads to blindness by causing cells in the retina at the back of the eye to degenerate and die. It is a hereditary disease carried by Labradors, Poodles and at least 28 other dog breeds.

The Australian Labradoodle Association was the first dog breed association worldwide to require compulsory DNA testing for PRA. As there is no cure for PRA, the only strategy available to eliminate the disease from the breed is ensuring a mating will not result in an affected puppy. We will continue as we have begun and will always DNA test our breeding boys and girls.

Through health testing, ethical breeders know each dog's genetic status and responsible breeding can be planned. Please note though, there are 450+ hereditary diseases affecting dogs and so far the development of screening tests only enables us to test for a limited number of conditions.

- Our health testing protocol
- Download PennHip's brochure
- Our health guarantee

More regarding breeding strategies, specific diseases and DNA testing can be read on the Orivet site

We aim to give our pups a stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities to learn and explore. We were rather chuffed to have received this recent email...

Hi Tracey.

Congratulations. You have sent us the perfect little boy! Everybody loves him. Wilson has the best nature and fits into our house perfectly. He has slept both nights right through without a wimper. We have been putting him in a large cage with his bed inside and then covering it over. He seems to love it. He has only had a couple of accidents inside and as soon as he steps foot on the grass he wees and poos. Thank you so much for Wilson. You have done an amazing job with the puppies. He isn't eating alot of the dry food yet but hopefully his appetite will come back. I have given him a couple of chicken wings and he munches on them for a while. His coat is beautiful. I will keep you informed how he is going and when he grows a little will send you some photos of Wilson.

Thanks again.

Fiona, Damian, Eli and Jorgia.







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