COVID-19 updates 2020 (as @ 26 March 2020)

In these times of COVID-19, ensuring supply of medicines, meat and other essential items for our program is challenging. With our need to socially distance, liaising with clients, other breeders, vets all becomes more complicated.

We have determined that although we have been inundated with requests for puppies lately, it is not socially responsible for us to actively breed at this time so the puppies we already have is what we have and all of our puppies have homes scheduled.

We wish you all well and look forward to being able to breed wonderful (and highly sought after) puppies again as soon as we can. Stay tuned via Facebook which is where we will announce  updates as they develop. You are welcome to submit  Wishlist so you are on the list when our program recommences.

We have Marley and Harvey's litter - these pups all have homes.

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