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We have been working to imporve our photo albums for you so you can start to get to know some of our wonderful breeding dogs based in Victoria. We also have some breeding hopefuls that are yet to be health tested but to check them out in anticipation, please click on our breeding hopefuls link below...

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Falcon Hill Goldie... So lovable - Lou Lou has been added to our program because of her "to die for" nature. She is just amazing - patient, soft and huggable. She lives at home with us.

Lou Lou's details and health test results

Lou Lou's album


Rocky Creek Columbia... Little Murphy is 'happy as' and offers us totally new lines - Thank you Rocky Creek for sharing her.

Murphy's details / health test results

Murphy's photo album


Amalie Remy... Remy's is the consummate teddy bear-ess. She is an active girl but equally likes to cuddle when evening comes. She is a 3rd generation Amalie puppy... Her eyes and soul are magical.

Remy's health test results

Remy's photo album


Amalie Satsuki... Suki lives with her Dad and wonderful guardian family. She is a lean machine - affectionate, joyful, loyal companion and devoted mummy.

Suki's health test results

Suki's photo album


Amalie Shinko... What striking markings on our first choc white parti girl. Wendy as she is known at home is a delight and full of surprises.

Wendy's health test results

Wendy's photo album


Amalie Snowdrift... Misty - how do you keep yourself so beautifully white despite your love for play? Perhaps she has a "magic coat"!!!

Misty's health test results

Misty's photo album


Amalie Katniss... I love the chunkiness of this girl. The depth of her colouring when young was amazing and she has faded to a lovely lavender. She has the integrity and soul of her namesake.

Lulu's health test results

Lulu's photo album


Amalie Snickers... Meeka is the result of many years of breeding to find just the right standard girl with fabulous coat, conformation and temperament. Well rewarded for our patience, she ticks all the boxes.

Meeka's health test results

Meeka's photo album


Amalie Valentine Rose... Another longterm breeding project over many years and several generations, we are thrilled to welcome this girl to the Amalie program.

VR's health test results

VR's photo album


Amalie Lavender... Compact and chunky is this little one. She is smoochy and chilled in nature - we are delighted with her and excited about her future.

Rosie's health test results

Rosie's photo album


Amalie Rue... This girl has spunk and despite her size she has a presence that captures your attention for all the right reasons.

Roo's health test results

Roo's photo album ALF1

Amalie Calypso... This special girl is our first phantom to join our breeding program. To boot, she is well rounded physically and in temperament.

Calypso's health test results

Calypso's photo album


Amalie Diamond Jubilee... What a package this little girl is. A tad demure but we don't mind that at all... She has a divinely textured coat and will produce gorgeous pups in 2018.

Honey's health test results

Honey's photo album

Pure AL

Amalie Bird on the Wire... Truffle is my favourite sort of chocolate - a sweet girl indeed mixed with just the right amount of naughty.

Truffle's health test results

Truffle's photo album

Pure AL

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Studs available for stud services to approved breeders

Amalie Ortiga... AKA Bosley, is spectacular. A boy that turns heads every where he goes... this guy is all teddy bear. Retiring soon.

Bosley's details and health test results

Bosley's photo album... ALF1 | proven

Amalie Crusader... This little tot is a charmer - eager to please and joyous. He offers new lines for the Australian Labradoodle and sports a beautiful soft loose wool coat. Brisbane based

Boston's health test results - retiring soon

Boston's photo album

ALF1 | proven

Amalie The Red Baron... This guy has DDG looks and his nature is balanced and playful. We expect he carries the rufus factor which accounts for his deep red colour - even better in the flesh so to speak.

Chewie's health test results - retiring soon

Chewie's photo album

ALF3 | proven

Amalie Fletcher... Or Apollo as he is known at home is the God of sun and light. He has a beautiful spiral fleece and has great conformation.

Apollo's health test results - retiring soon

Apollo's photo album Standard ALF1 | proven

Amalie Indie's Wilbur... Banjo has lovely textured coat. He reminds us all of Granny Jez. Brisbane based

Banjo's details and health test results

Banjo's photo album

ALF2 | proven

Amalie Jack Frost... Full of youthful exuberance, Bodhi's on good playful terms with the cat and loves a good run at the dog park. Brisbane based

Bodhi's health test results

Bodhi's photo album

ALF2 | proven

Amalie Pikachu.. Hugo is just a teddy bear. He has a gorgeous spiral fleece coat with great depth of colour. He is agile but chilled, patient and affectionate. Geelong is his home.

Hugo's health test results

Hugo's photo album

ALF2 | proven

Amalie Mars... Oscar has won hearts and influenced people - I think he will do so for years to come. He is my "human" puppy.... Oh so gorgeous and I am not exaggerating.

Oscar's health test results

Oscar's photo album

ALF2 | proven

Rusty's Don Quixote... A handsome man - this fellow is a great addition to our program and at home where he is known as Teddy, he is a fabulous mate to his BFF Max - another labradoodle.

Teddy's health test results

Teddy's photo album

ALF1 | proven

Amalie Jedi... This big gentle boy is our first guardian in Victoria. We are focusing strongly on temperament in our program and this boy ticks all the boxes. He loves to swim!!

Jet's health test results

Jet's photo album

Under development ALF2

Amalie The Doctor... Another gorgeous big boy - this guy has been a wonderful addition to his guardian family as a therapy dog. He is heavier set than Jedi and we look forward to his babies too.

Brewster's health test results

Brewster's photo album

ALF2 | proven

Amalie Stardust... what a lovely lad! Dusty is full of life but wonderfully responsive and kind hearted. He is doing so well with his training.

Dusty's health test results

Dusty's photo album

ALF3 | proven

Amalie Sugarman... A super fellow, big and blocky in his conformation - a cuddly sugar lump. We hope he will produce standard therapy dogs in years to come.

Harvey's health test results

Harvey's photo album

Under development ALF1

Amalie Ain't No Cure For Love... Here is our caramel delight. He lives in a pack with other canines who are teaching him the ropes. Go Pablo!!

Pablo's health test results

Pablo's photo album

Under development ALF2

Tallai Tango Jazz... Nelson is just tops - he loves people and people love him. A wonderful companion - I look forward to sharing his adventures with you.

Nelson's health test results late 2017

Nelson's photo album

ALF3 | proven


Boys on ice...

Amalie Eureka... Charlie has moved to Portland Oregon o we have him on ice to approved breeders only. A gorgeous colour, soulful eyes and a gentle puppy nature.

Charlie's details and health test results

Charlie's photo album Medium ALF2

Amalie Digby... Digby will carry on Jasper's line for us. A gorgeously cheeky boy, he has made some BEAUTIFUL puppies!!! He has his Daddy's soft, gentle nature and soulful eyes. A handsome gentleman indeed.

Digby's details and health test results

Digby's photo album Medium ALF3

Sunset Hills In the Spotlight... Jasper is a gentle natured soul and wonderful companion. He is fantastic with our pups and just melts in your arms when its cuddle time. He is a true gentleman and we love him to bits.

Jasper's health test results

Jasper's photo album Medium ALF3

Rusty's Cracker Jack... We are sharing this little fellow with Rusty Amber Labradoodles. Beautiful parti markings and delightful build. He has grown into a handsome man (Semen available to Amalie only)

Jack's details and health test results

Jack's photo album Medium ALF 3

Amalie Mani... Baci boy is a true adventurer - just check out his photo album. He has beautiful manners and just loves his obedience training. We must try and catch him while he's surfing - what a guy!

Litters with Amalie Indigo 2014 - Wilbur
SH French Lace (for Raresilvers)
Baci's health test results
Baci's photo album Medium ALF3


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