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Amalie's upcoming hopefuls

Our program has grown and providing these girls and guys pass their health testing, you can expect to see them mature to Mum's and Dad's and pass on their wonderful attributes to the next generations of Australian Labradoodles.

Having more breeding stock doesn't mean we have changed the way we do things - small scale breeding with care in our home is still our focus. It simply means we have more options to choose from within our own program and that's exciting. It gives us better control of what we produce in the way of health, coat, conformation and temperament.


Amalie Discovery... She is both spunky and demure all at once. Awesome manners but keen to explore. She is super pretty and as cheeky as her mummy.

Lulu's health test results Due Mid July 2021

Lulu's photo album


Amalie Aloha... Beau's just an all round nice-guy. Confident and playful - and learning his manners.

Beau's health test results Due 24 August 2021

Beau's photo album


Amalie Valentine Be Mine... She is both spunky and demure all at once. Awesome manners but keen to explore. She is super pretty and super sweet.

Symba's health test results Due 27 SEP 2021

Symba's photo album


Amalie Clancy... Tilly's coat is deep, deep chocolate. A divine treasure both at home and as a part of Amalie's program.

Matilda's health test results Due 8 OCT 2021

Matilda's photo album


Amalie Xanadu... Cadell Xanadu is amazingly soft in nature - one gorgeous lovebug with a coat that is just awesome and a delight to see and touch.

Cadell's health test results Due 15 NOV 2021

Cadell's photo album


Amalie Strawberries and Cream... Spunk in bucketloads. Full of fun and affection, she will be a lovely little mini for our program.

Maisie's health test results Due 7 NOV 2021

Maisie's photo album


Amalie Shilo... Shilo is living her best life by the beach and growing like a bean.

Shlio's health test results Due late 2021

Shilo's photo album


Amalie The Vagabond... We breed for temperament and this guy is what it's all about - to boot he's got the looks, the coat and his structure is tops.

Bosley Jr's health test results Due NOV 2021

Bozley Jr's photo album


Amalie Wish Upon A Star... Coco has been taking advice from Aunty Truffle on how to win friends and influence people.

Coco's health test results Due 15 DEC 2021

Coco's photo album


Amalie Capella... We just love this girl's temperament. Leni loves people but is quiet, gentle, patient and contented. Capella is a bright star in the constellation Auriga. She lives up to her name.

Leni's health test results Due 15 DEC 2021

Leni's photo album


Amalie Thumbelina... Miss Primrose (Primmy) is my tiny-tot but her size does not hold her back. She is an affectionate old soul.

Primmy's health test results Due JAN 2022

Primmy's photo album


Amalie Glitter Girl... Magical colouring - lets see what comes of her sparkles.

Glitter's health test results Due 22 FEB 2022

Glitter's photo album


Amalie Darkest Peru... This guy has always felt awesome in the hand - he has substance and presence. We are working to make him magical in every way.

Peru's health test results Due FEB 2022

Peru's photo album


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