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Amalie's upcoming hopefuls

Our program has grown and providing these girls and guys pass their health testing, you can expect to see them mature to Mum's and Dad's and pass on their wonderful attributes to the next generations of Australian Labradoodles.

Having more breeding stock doesn't mean we have changed the way we do things - small scale breeding with care in our home is still our focus. It simply means we have more options to choose from within our own program and that's exciting. It gives us better control of what we produce in the way of health, coat, conformation and temperament.

Amalie Cuddlepie... The image of her mother and with an energetic but balanced temperament we are excited to have Miss Poppy carry on our earlier lines.

Poppy's health test results due late 2017

Poppy's photo album

Under development ALF3

Amalie Country Boy... A gorgeously put together medium boy with a striking sable fleece coat. He is confident, playful and full of fun.

Country Boy's health test results

Country Boy's photo album

Under development ALF3

Amalie Boogie Street... We are both surprised and delighted with this parti boy. He will mature to large medium size. He is full of fun and fabulous.

Blaze's health test results 2017

Blaze's photo album

Under development ALF2

Amalie The Gypsy's Wife... Bailey is is a girl who will make her mark in this world. Smart, talented, affectionate and loyal - attributes any parent would be proud of hey Digby and Ollie?

Bailey's health test results 2017

Bailey's photo album

Under development ALF2

Amalie I'm Your Man... This fellow is a charmer and has a depth of chocolate colouring we hope he retains. A very handsome dood.

Marley's health test results Nov 2016

Marley's photo album

Under development Pure AL

Amalie Black Jack Davy... This little rogue (pictured with mum - Suki) came into the world on his own terms and we expect him to put his mark on it. Possibly carries phantom. Personality plus!

Banjo's health test results

Banjo's photo album

Under development ALF3

Amalie Diamantina... "Distinctly feminine she is charming, sensitive, gentle and very capable." If true to the meaning of her name she is a femme-fatale; both seductive and daring!!

Poppy's health test results

Poppy's photo album

Under development ALF3

Amalie Digger... This gorgeous mini fellow is just a delight.

Digger's health test results Due 2018

Digger's photo album

Under development ALF2

Caralee Lilibet... We love this girl's temperament. From the moment she joined us she has been considered and wise beyond her age. Totally in love!!

Lilibet's health test results Due 2018

Lilibet's photo album

Under development PAL

Amalie Black Magic... Eyes are the window of the soul - that makes little Gracie soft and deep. Yes she is a compassionate and gentle girl - love her.

Black Magic's health test results Due 2018

Black Magic's photo album

Under development ALF3

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