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Our album software crew have changed things on the back end and very few of our albums now work ... sorry. It will take time for me to work out the problem and fix. If you have any recommendations for software feel free to email me :)

If you want pics / info, please email. We are happy to send.

Thank you to all the Amalie Labradoodle families who provide us with photos of their pups growing up.

All images are the copyright of Amalie Labradoodles and are not to be reproduced.

Our breeding dogs

RC Columbia Amalie Amelia



Those that have gracefully retired...


Tallai Jezebel

Amalie Noah
Amalie Cinnamon Girl Amalie Sunshine
Amalie Viincent Amalie Jasmine Amalie Moon Shadow
Ahgunyah Nelson Wisteria Connor
Amalie Phoebe Amalie Eureka Amalie Mani
Thanks to all the wonderful guardians we have had to care for our breeding dogs. It is only thanks to you that we are able to breed our dogs to the highest standards where we integrate them all into fabulous family homes. Amalie Gillie
Amalie Lili Amalie Lincoln Amalie Pip
Romany Luca
Amalie kisses
SH in the Spotlight Amalie Jubilee

Archived health details of our retiree's...

Amalie Julia Rose | Sandy
Tallai Jezebel | Jezzie
Amalie Noah | Noah
Amalie Cinnamon Girl | Milly
Amalie Sunshine | Peachie
Amalie Victoria | Sundae
Amalie Vincent | Wilson (on ice)
Amalie Jasmine | Jazzy
Amalie Moon Shadow | Poppy
Ahgunyah Nelson| Jet
Wisteria Connor| Nutmeg
Amalie Sassafras | Mia
Amalie Phoebe | Phoebe
Amalie Mani | Baci (on ice)
Amalie Eureka | Charlie (on ice)
Amalie Gillie | Bella
Amalie Lili | Lili
Amalie Pip | Scooby
Amalie Lincoln | Linc (on ice)
Amalie Amazing Grace| Lucy
Amalie Digby |Digby
Sunsethills in the Spotlight | Jasper (on ice)
Amalie Faith | Molly
Amalie Ruby Tuesday| Ruby
Amalie Diamonds in the Rough| Zena
Amalie Tuppence| Buttons
Amalie Digby | Digby (on ice)
Amalie Solomon| Scout
Amalie Picolo | Pickles
Tallai Butterscotch | Gracie
Amalie Jubilee| Callie
Amalie Olympia | Ollie
Amalie Snugglepot | Rosy
Amalie Two Penny Delight | Clara
Amalie Savanna| Ginny

Soon to retire
Amalie Amelia | Brandy
Amalie Indigo | Indie
Amalie Ortiga | Bosley



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