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A quick note to let you know how well Otto has settled in. He is a little treasure, adores Pippi and is very comfortable in his new home. He has only had one little 'accident' inside and now uses the outside toilet each time, he has not been off his food at all, he sleeps through the night and he barely ever cries (except when he wants a cuddle). I am amazed that he already knows his name and that he understands 'sit', 'come on' and 'uh uh/no). So far we have no chewed shoes. He does love his toys and he happily shares these with Pippi, their favourite game is chasing the Kong/ball/lemon around the yard and he loves the pile of dry lawn clippings.

Thanks to you and your family for raising such well adjusted, calm and content pups.
Janelle (Victoria)


Puppies on the way...

Our waiting list has re-opend and we look forward to hearing from you. Here is the link to Amalie's Wishlist - see what we offer below

For more informationabout becoming a guardian family for one of our breeding prospects, please give Tracey a call. Mob | 0410 584723

Our puppies are raised using Puppy Culture and more can be read here...

Amalie Mimi and Amalie Stardust
Dusty is one of my go to guys - a fabulous all round great fellow with a divine coat and build. A gorgeous pairing of small medium, fleece doods in black and gold/ cream. ALF3
Leila Dusty One gold small medium female available

Amalie Snickers (Meeka)and
Amalie Sugarman
Standard pups with fleece coats. These dogs will be non-shedding - ALF2. It is a rainbow litter (all colours possible).
Cream and one black wool, one chocolate fleece pups available

Meeka Harvey Born May 2018

Rocky Creek Columbia
Amalie Ceusader

Small medium pups in black and gold ALF2 puppies with wool and fleece coats.

Crusader is SO hard to get a good shot of... but is a delightfully well natured fellow - eager to please.

Murphy (Columbia) Boston (Crusader)  

Amalie Lavender and Amalie The Red Baron
Cream and caramel pups due. Fleece coats - ALF2

A Lavender (Rosie) Chewie Due in May

Amalie Rue and Amalie The Red Baron (Chewie)
Chocky and caramel / cream pups - smaller sizes ALF2

A Rue AKA Roo Chewie Hopefully due in May

Amalie Remy and and Tallai Tango Jazz (Nelson)
Remy makes bundles of fun - Nelson? well he is just a charmer!!
Pure Australian Labradoodles - fleece in chocolate (Mediums).

Remy Nelson  

Puppies hoped for sometime soon ... (not yet mated)

Amalie Sadie and
Amalie Indie's Wilbur

Sadie is still an early generation labradoodle so we may get a mixture of coats - standard size. ALF2 in all colours

This litter is planned for Summer 2019

Amalie Valentine Rose &
Amalie Sugarman

Curly coats abound - this fabulous pair will produce small standards / large medium size (15+kg and 50cm+ to the withers) in shades of gold. ALF2

A. Valentine Rose Amalie Sugarman  

How to adopt an Amalie labradoodle... We welcome puppy inquiries at any time and would like to know a little about you and what you might be looking for in a four legged companion. We are a small breeder and have a limited number of litters - our puppies are all reared in our family home. Our puppy plans are outlined on this page and once puppies are born we we commence our puppy offers based on colour and sex - a non-refundable application fee is required at that time. This amount is later deducted from the purchase price. We finalise allocations around 7 weeks of age when we can assess temperament. Our pups are routinely desexed the week before they go to their new homes.

Our goal is to help you find the right four legged companion and life-long friend. We will never pressure you to take a particular puppy, even once an application fee is paid. We allocate on temperament in line with your family needs, the information you provide in your application and our assessments.

Our companion puppies are chosen after we have selected our breeding quality puppies from each litter. All companion puppies are sold for family pets and are desexed, micro-chipped, age appropriately vaccinated, wormed and have had a thorough physical check by our vet. They come with a pedigree, 3 year limited genetic health guarantee and our commitment to ongoing support and advice as needed. Puppies can travel domestically from 8 weeks of age and internationally from 12-16weeks. For clients based overseas, please download our international fact sheet for additional information. We reserve the right to not sell a puppy at any stage before full payment is made (or after this time on veterinary advice - an alternative puppy would be offered).

If you would like to be included in our waiting please complete a wishlist - the information you provide will help us to help you to find a Labradoodle that is most likely to suit your circumstances. We have loaded some helpful information on our resources page.

**Guardian homes: We are often looking for guardians for our breeding pups - take a look at the info here and on our resources page to see if this program might be for you. The guardian program is for our breeding quality pups and as a guardian, you will need to live in reasonable proximity to Geelong. We are now located on the Bellarine Peninsula. We will consider guardians from further afield as long as you are willing to assist with travel when needed.

Our pick of the litter pups will mature to be mums and dads but as our breeding dogs are not kenneled they need a family to belong to. Under a contractual arrangement, the pup grows up with you and once he or she matures and passes our health testing, enters our breeding program. Girls return to us from time to time for breeding and will usually stay with us for about 6 weeks to raise their pups. Boys may be needed overnight from time to time but usually we just "borrow them" for an hour or two.

Once a breeding career is over (usually by the time they are four or five for females and males respectively), the dog is desexed by us and remains with you as their forever family. Please download a fact sheet and speak to Tracey for further information email | info@amalie.com.au

Puppy allocation will be at 6-7 weeks of age when the vet check is complete. Why do you have to wait that long to know which one is yours? We want to be sure all our puppies are in perfect health before you set your heart on any particular little boy or girl. Also, social behaviour and temperament can be better assessed at this age and we are in a better position to help you choose or to allocate pups based on the needs of our puppy families. Thank you for your patience



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