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Our waiting list is currently closed and will open again in Summer.

Amalie wishlist

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Our favourite things - cool stuff for dogs!!

New: Clear Dog treats for dogs - Aussie products available at Clear Dog, YUM!!!

Clicker training | Instructional videos to download

Training halter | Blackdog Infin8

Collars and leads | Lupine lifetime guarantee


Frontier - Freeze Dried Raw food - shelf stable raw food alternative, ethically sourced, Australian made

The Natural Vets
- raw food guidance / phone consults with Dr Renee O'Duhring

Feed time | Dogue bowls - dishwasher safe

Pet Circle | online supplier with regular delivery and "two mouths" charity program - competitive pricing.


Beacon Dog Training While maybe not accessible if you live elsewhere but let this be your training benchmark

Refine Your Canine - Alex is fantastic at behavioural problem solving giving you the skills you need

Puppy Culture Playlist - PC from 8-16 weeks

Aussie Dog Products - great boredom busters

Kong chew toys - try Genius Leo

Nina Ottoson puzzles and games

DVD | Sarah Kalnajs The Language of Dogs

Also look for Hol-ee balls for indoor and beach retrieval practice or Orka toys for a really serious chewers. We DO NOT like antlers and other really hard chew things that will damage teeth and cost you heaps in vet bills

Books we've enjoyed and recommend

The dog tricks training woorkbook The dog tricks training woorkbook

Sophia Yin - Perfect Puppy in 7 Days is easily available as an

Kyra Sundance

The Dog Whisperer Chill Out Fido

Authors are...
Nan Kene Arthur

Richardson & Cole


Information Sheets to Download

We have compiled some information and resources that we hope you find useful. If you've been unable to find what you're looking for, please contact us info@amalie.com.au

How do I join Amalie's waiting list?
We don't always hold a waiting list but when we are expecting pups, it fills up quickly... read more

"Oodles of Oodles" - Who is Amalie?
Amalie Labradoodles is a small breeder of multi-generation Australian Labradoodles accredited with the Australian Labradoodle Association...read more

What does the grade of labradoodle mean?
Labradoodle grades increases with each successive coupling of labradoodle to labradoodle... read more

Tell me about Amalie's health guarantee?
We are commited to ensuring we do all that we can to breed exceptional Labradoodles. Our breeding stock are screened and we offer a 3 year genetic health guarantee... read more

What's a guardian home... how does it work?
Guardians care for Amalie's breeding puppies while they remain in our breeding program. On retirement pups are de-sexed and then fully adopted by the family who has been caring for them for the past few years... read more

How do guardians look after a breeding girl?
In general this is the same as for any puppy: care, love, discipline and safety. We will teach our guardian families what to do when a girl comes into season... read more

What health care will our puppy need?
For a holistic approach to health, you puppy needs regular vaccinations, preventative health care, excercise and obedience training...read more

Special info on hip and joint care...
read more

Any Amalie advice on obedience training?
The Australian Labradoodle is an intelligent breed and we strongly recommend that you invest time in learning about being a pack leader. Check out the clicker training link at the top of the page... Go to top

How do I look after my Labradoodle's coat?
Firstly - fleece, wool, hair - whats the difference?
Non-shedding coats need regular brushing and clipping .... read more

Guide to Toxic Plants
Please take a look around your garden for these potential hazards Download

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